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cape town Accommodation

cape town Accommodation

Cape Town accommodation is located in the beautiful Mother City of South Africa, located in the Western Cape Province. Nestled in the shadow of its famous icon, Table Mountain, the city is home to incredible scenery and an inexhaustible list of adventurous activities waiting to be explored.

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Cycad House

Rates from R550.00 per person sharing
Cycad House - 1162   Cycad House - 1162a Cycad House - 1162b Cycad House - 1162c
Cycad House - 1162d Cycad House - 1162e Cycad House - 1162f
Cycad House - 1162g Cycad House - 1162h Cycad House - 1162i

Orangerie - Single - 606

Rates from R 110.00 per unit
Orangerie - Single - 606 - 6116   Orangerie - Single - 606 - 6116a Orangerie - Single - 606 - 6116b Orangerie - Single - 606 - 6116c
Orangerie - Single - 606 - 6116d Orangerie - Single - 606 - 6116e Orangerie - Single - 606 - 6116f
Orangerie - Single - 606 - 6116g Orangerie - Single - 606 - 6116h Orangerie - Single - 606 - 6116i

Maison de Lamour B and B

Rates from R800.00 per night
Maison de Lamour B and B - 96   Maison de Lamour B and B - 96a Maison de Lamour B and B - 96b Maison de Lamour B and B - 96c
Maison de Lamour B and B - 96d Maison de Lamour B and B - 96e Maison de Lamour B and B - 96f
Maison de Lamour B and B - 96g Maison de Lamour B and B - 96h Maison de Lamour B and B - 96i

A5 Soho On Strand  -  De Waterkant

Rates from R1 800.00 per person sharing
A5 Soho On Strand  -  De Waterkant - 4500   A5 Soho On Strand  -  De Waterkant - 4500a A5 Soho On Strand  -  De Waterkant - 4500b A5 Soho On Strand  -  De Waterkant - 4500c
A5 Soho On Strand  -  De Waterkant - 4500d A5 Soho On Strand  -  De Waterkant - 4500e A5 Soho On Strand  -  De Waterkant - 4500f
A5 Soho On Strand  -  De Waterkant - 4500g A5 Soho On Strand  -  De Waterkant - 4500h A5 Soho On Strand  -  De Waterkant - 4500i

Villa Pascal Guest House

Rates from R 500.00 per person
Villa Pascal Guest House - 6069   Villa Pascal Guest House - 6069a Villa Pascal Guest House - 6069b Villa Pascal Guest House - 6069c
Villa Pascal Guest House - 6069d Villa Pascal Guest House - 6069e Villa Pascal Guest House - 6069f
Villa Pascal Guest House - 6069g Villa Pascal Guest House - 6069h Villa Pascal Guest House - 6069i

Eaton Square 2

Rates from R910.00 per night
Eaton Square 2 - 3145   Eaton Square 2 - 3145a Eaton Square 2 - 3145b Eaton Square 2 - 3145c
Eaton Square 2 - 3145d Eaton Square 2 - 3145e Eaton Square 2 - 3145f
Eaton Square 2 - 3145g Eaton Square 2 - 3145h Eaton Square 2 - 3145i

Bay Breeze Apartment 

Rates from TBA per night
Bay Breeze Apartment  - 3512   Bay Breeze Apartment  - 3512a Bay Breeze Apartment  - 3512b Bay Breeze Apartment  - 3512c
Bay Breeze Apartment  - 3512d Bay Breeze Apartment  - 3512e Bay Breeze Apartment  - 3512f
Bay Breeze Apartment  - 3512g Bay Breeze Apartment  - 3512h Bay Breeze Apartment  - 3512i

Atlantic Dream Beachfront Villa

Rates from R 2 250.00 per unit
Atlantic Dream Beachfront Villa - 424   Atlantic Dream Beachfront Villa - 424a Atlantic Dream Beachfront Villa - 424b Atlantic Dream Beachfront Villa - 424c
Atlantic Dream Beachfront Villa - 424d Atlantic Dream Beachfront Villa - 424e Atlantic Dream Beachfront Villa - 424f
Atlantic Dream Beachfront Villa - 424g Atlantic Dream Beachfront Villa - 424h Atlantic Dream Beachfront Villa - 424i
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It is the second most populated city in the country and acts as the legislative capital while boasting with some of the most awe-inspiring sites in the world. Cape Town leads out to the popular Cape Point, home to the south-western tip of Africa, declared a Natural World Heritage Site and rich with floral kingdoms and a bountiful maritime history. Since the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the city has boomed with tourists, and with this boom came the great selection of accommodation facilities which offer something for every type of visitor. These include 4-star manors, cottages and chalets, guest houses, hotels, 5-star self-catering suites, luxurious penthouses and even backpackers for the budget traveller. It is no surprise that Cape Town is Africa’s most popular tourist destination, as its white sand beaches, abundant vineyards, and restful, laid-back ambience provides for all you could possibly need to escape into a seeming paradise.

Cape Town was originally developed by the Dutch East India Company and established in 1652 as a refresher stop for sailors on their way to the Far East. Soon, the town flourished and became the cultural and economic heart of the Cape Colony. Cape Town today is one of the most entrepreneurial cities in South Africa, but even though residents are very hard working, Capetonians also know how to relax. The numerous beaches make for a delightful day spent basking in the sun and dipping in the cool, refreshing Atlantic Ocean. Various beaches around the city are bordered by roads lined with exclusive restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Visitors can hike up the legendary Table Mountain or reach its unique plateau by cable car and enjoy one of the most breath taking views of the city and the ocean. The Table Mountain National Park also carries one of the most diverse ranges of plant species, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Protea plant species, South Africa’s National Flower, is also prevalent in this area. Cape Town’s wine route provides for a memorable day trip, and visitors are invited to treat their palates to a taste of some of the most pristine wines in the country. With such a wide selection of accommodation choices, ranging from 5-star guest houses, boutique hotels and luxurious penthouses to charming B&B’s and backpacker lodges, visitors are sure to find exactly what they are looking for. Visit Cape Town in all its splendour and enjoy the best of South African hospitality right here in the Mother City.

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