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Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa Accommodation

Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa Accommodation

Midrand is a suburb in the province of Gauteng, South Africa. It is modern suburb and has experienced a large amount of growth in the last decade. Locate Midrand Accommodation with ease by viewing the listed Accommodation below. Midrand, like most suburbs in Johannesburg, lives up to its reputation of having a vibrant night life, with many visitors making their way for the night and staying over at some of the bed and breakfasts and other accommodation like backpackers. Find your holiday accommodation easily in Midrand online with Ubuntustay.

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Malachite Guest House

Rates from R 325.00 per person sharing
Malachite Guest House - 1334   Malachite Guest House - 1334a Malachite Guest House - 1334b Malachite Guest House - 1334c
Malachite Guest House - 1334d Malachite Guest House - 1334e Malachite Guest House - 1334f
Malachite Guest House - 1334g Malachite Guest House - 1334h Malachite Guest House - 1334i

Ipe Tombe Guest Lodge

Rates from R 400.00 per person sharing
Ipe Tombe Guest Lodge - 5409   Ipe Tombe Guest Lodge - 5409a Ipe Tombe Guest Lodge - 5409b Ipe Tombe Guest Lodge - 5409c
Ipe Tombe Guest Lodge - 5409d Ipe Tombe Guest Lodge - 5409e Ipe Tombe Guest Lodge - 5409f
Ipe Tombe Guest Lodge - 5409g Ipe Tombe Guest Lodge - 5409h Ipe Tombe Guest Lodge - 5409i

Countryview Executive Guest House

Rates from R 350.00 per person sharing
Countryview Executive Guest House - 1340   Countryview Executive Guest House - 1340a Countryview Executive Guest House - 1340b Countryview Executive Guest House - 1340c
Countryview Executive Guest House - 1340d Countryview Executive Guest House - 1340e Countryview Executive Guest House - 1340f
Countryview Executive Guest House - 1340g Countryview Executive Guest House - 1340h Countryview Executive Guest House - 1340i

Impex B and B

Rates from R 499.00 per person sharing
Impex B and B - 292   Impex B and B - 292a Impex B and B - 292b Impex B and B - 292c
Impex B and B - 292d Impex B and B - 292e Impex B and B - 292f
Impex B and B - 292g Impex B and B - 292h Impex B and B - 292i

Everfare Lodge

Rates from R 500.00 per person sharing
Everfare Lodge - 5406   Everfare Lodge - 5406a Everfare Lodge - 5406b Everfare Lodge - 5406c
Everfare Lodge - 5406d Everfare Lodge - 5406e Everfare Lodge - 5406f
Everfare Lodge - 5406g Everfare Lodge - 5406h Everfare Lodge - 5406i

Soul Fusion Guest House

Rates from R 950.00 per unit
Soul Fusion Guest House - 1339   Soul Fusion Guest House - 1339a Soul Fusion Guest House - 1339b Soul Fusion Guest House - 1339c
Soul Fusion Guest House - 1339d Soul Fusion Guest House - 1339e Soul Fusion Guest House - 1339f
Soul Fusion Guest House - 1339g Soul Fusion Guest House - 1339h Soul Fusion Guest House - 1339i

Heron Chase Guest House

Rates from R 450.00 per person sharing
Heron Chase Guest House - 1326   Heron Chase Guest House - 1326a Heron Chase Guest House - 1326b Heron Chase Guest House - 1326c
Heron Chase Guest House - 1326d Heron Chase Guest House - 1326e Heron Chase Guest House - 1326f
Heron Chase Guest House - 1326g Heron Chase Guest House - 1326h Heron Chase Guest House - 1326i

Crowthorne Lodge

Rates from R 580.00 per person sharing
Crowthorne Lodge - 1332   Crowthorne Lodge - 1332a Crowthorne Lodge - 1332b Crowthorne Lodge - 1332c
Crowthorne Lodge - 1332d Crowthorne Lodge - 1332e Crowthorne Lodge - 1332f
Crowthorne Lodge - 1332g Crowthorne Lodge - 1332h Crowthorne Lodge - 1332i
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The easiest way to find your accommodation fast, it’s easy to book and you can view all details about your accommodation in Midrand. The bustling city of Johannesburg boasts some of the most scenic nature reserves in South Africa, as well as the most exhilarating theme parks. Midrand is a town steeped in history; it has housed some of the most iconic political leaders in the struggle against Apartheid, and was also the venue for the prestigious inauguration of Nelson Mandela in 1994. Midrand receives about 537mm of annual rainfall, with most of the rain occurring during the summer months. It receives the lowest rainfall in June and the highest rainfall in January. The region is the coldest during July.


There is much to see and do in the suburb of Midrand. Midrand is the entertainment hub halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria and sees many visitors and even locals coming to stay in many of Midrand’s self catering accommodation over the weekend, or guest houses as a pit stop between the two major cities. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy mountain biking with one of the largest social mountain biking clubs in Africa. The club organises social rides on most weekends of the year. If you’ve always had a passion for flying, you can learn to fly a helicopter and truly feel in control as you take to the skies. Your flying experience will begin with a soothing cup of coffee; you will be shown how a pre-flight inspection of a helicopter is performed, after whichyou will board the helicopter and be briefed on the start-up procedure. As the engine fires up you will feel a surge of excitement welling up in you. Your instructor will maintain a watchful eye over you as you take flight, and during your half hour flight you will learn to manipulate the controls on your own. Toward the end of your flight, you will be flying solo. Imagine the exhilaration of knowing that you have flown this majestic vessel all on your own.

Adults and children alike will be fascinated by the Midrand Urban Market; children will be occupied for hours on the jumping castle, and also by a charming puppet show and face painting. Tourists in Midrand who are visiting with young children can always find the right accommodation on Ubuntustay.com where children are allowed. Adults will have over 130 traders to visit, with goods ranging from hand-crafted furniture to jewellery. Families can sit under the shade of the majestic trees and feast on a picnic lunch as they enjoy an open air concert. Guests have a variety to choose from in the food court.There is a selection of hot foods, deli goods and scrumptious desserts.

There is also a variety of free range chicken and Dutch cheese on sale. If you are a fan of horses, you will be enthralled by the South African Lipizzaners, a group of exotic horses who perform every Sunday in their enchanting indoor hall in Kyalami. The performance lasts 60 minutes, after which guests are treated to refreshments as they browse the memorabilia on display. After each performance, the stables are open to the publicand visitors can feed the Lipizzaners carrots, or enjoy a scrumptious meal at Café Capriole. The Lipizzaners have earned the honour of being the only performing horses outside of Vienna recognized by the Spanish Riding School. The performance will truly be appreciated by horse lovers. Many of establishments who provide accommodation in Midrand are close to all these popular sites, so you won’t have to worry about not having any fun while you are on holiday.

The Barnyard Theatre is where great entertainment is combined with delectable food to give you one of the most exciting evenings of your holiday. The first Barnyard Theatre started on a quaint farm in Plettenberg Bay, where friends and family came together to drink and be merry. It proved to be so successful that more Barnyard Theatres were established all over the country. There are currently 12 Barnyard Theatres in South Africa, all maintainingthe rustic feel of the original Barnyard Theatre. If you enjoy delicious, organic food, visit the Bryanston Organic and Natural Market. Enjoy appetizing home-made meals, cheeses and baked goods as you browse through rows of resplendent photography, quaint pieces of jewellery and clothing made from natural fibres.

Monte Casino is the place to be if you enjoy a vibrant ambience. It is the foremost entertainment destination in Gauteng, designed to depict a quaint Tuscan village. The casino is at the centre of the complex with shops and restaurants surrounding it. The cobblestone floors will have you feeling as though you are wandering through the captivating streets of Italy. The complex boasts a fun arcade for kids, a charming outdoor bird garden, Boogaloos New Generation Skate Park, Pieter Toerien Theatre, Parker’s comedy and Jive venue and much more.


The Gauteng Motor Show is an annual event that takes place in Johannesburg; it is one of the largest, most electrifying motoring events in South Africa. The event showcases all aspects of the motoring industry, as well as fascinating displays of aerobics, drifting, bike stunts, advanced driving experiences, track experiences, go-kart rides, simulators, helicopter rides, competitions and a wide variety of children’s entertainment and live music. The Gauteng Outdoor Adventure and Travel Expo also takes place in Midrand and offers an exciting display of new birding, hiking, trailing and outdoor gear. If you are staying at any of the guest houses in Midrand, the friendly staff will always be more than welcome to assist you in organizing which events are best to go to, and more importantly provide you with enough accommodation for the whole duration of the festival.

The Wodac Pet Expo is the largest pet expo in South Africa. It features the wall of cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles and exotic pets. Horse lovers will be enthralled by the fascinating programme devoted to the magic of these docile creatures. The programme includes events such as the Dogs of the World Parade, Dog carting, Dancing with Dogs SA Champs, and the opportunity to view SA’s top show dogs. Learn about responsible pet ownership at the welfare organisation stand and visit the many trade stands.

Avid fashionistas should have their credit cards at the ready for the three-day International Fashion Sale in Midrand at the Gallagher Convention Centre. With sales of up to 70 percent off and a display of the top designers, this is a shopper’s heaven. The event is also used to scout the many talented designers in South Africa. South Africa’s premiere craft and hobby exhibition takes place in Midrand at the Gallagher Estate. There are more than 100 exhibition stands to explore, from beads to books and gardening equipment to scrapbooking accessories. This event has something for everyone. A large selection of Accommodation in and around Midrand can be found on Ubuntustay.com